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Product Description: 16 x 20” original acrylic painting on stretched canvas.


About this piece: I created this piece during the 2016 Presidential election. The Native American woman pictured, was inspired by a co-worker at the domestic violence/sexual Assault shelter where I worked, her name is Shawna Decker, AKA: Lil' Feather. During the time of the election, many Native Americans protested the construction of the The “Dakota Access” Pipeline (DAPL). DAPL would endanger a source of fresh water for the Standing Rock Sioux and 8 million people living downstream. DAPL would also impact many sites that are sacred to the Standing Rock Sioux and other indigenous nations. Shawna talked with me about her Native heritage, her spiritual connection to the eagle, and was she very out-spoken about the DAPL. I included an Eagle feather in the painting and her story to inspire my paintbrush. I also included the Mexican flag, LGBTQ rainbow, Islam star and crescent symbol, and Black Lives Matter into the piece. After the election everything felt uncertain and scary for many minority groups. As a woman and a bisexual person I felt a lot of fear. So many things were happening at once that it felt as if everything was spinning out of control. This is the feeling that I tried to portray in this piece, titled, "Resist".


Creator: Christi Brittain, Vancouver WA About the Artist: Christi Brittain is an artist and the owner of Freckles N' Toes Boutique. Christi creates art with a main focus on humanity and the empowerment of women. She opened this boutique to give artist and creators an opportunity to dream big and provide customers with unique and handmade gifts.



Resist- Acrylic Painting

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