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This piece, titled “June 2020 is a revamped version of my previous acrylic painting titled “June 2016”. I painted “June 2016” 4 years ago, after the Pulse Night club terrorist attack and the police killings of Alton and  Philando Castile. The painting was in honor of my friend Summer who is queer, black, and a mother of black children. The heaviness of 2016 was felt across the country.
Here we are 4 years later... the world is battling a pandemic that is taking thousands of lives everyday. Transgender healthcare rights being dismantled on the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting. More black lives taken and our country is in full protest against systemic racism. 
I decided to do some touch ups on my 2016 painting, having no idea that this is where my heart would end up taking me.

June 2020

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